Name: 5 Survival keys [1 Bonus]
Price: 9.99 USD

You'll get 5 keys and everyone online will get 1 keys.

You'll get the keys when you are online to prevent scamming or losing the key due to full inventory or being offline on the purchase.

All items have the same odds of being obtained

  • x32 Blocks of Iron
  • x32 Blocks of Gold
  • x16 Blocks of Diamond
  • x12 Blocks of Netherite
  • Shield | Protection IV, Unbreaking III
  • x48 Golden Apple
  • x4 Enchanted Golden Apple
  • x32 Golden Carrot
  • Elytra | Unbreaking I
  • Netherite Boots | Protection V, Feather Falling II, Depth Strider II
  • Netherite Leggings | Protection V, Thorns I, Unbreaking I
  • Netherite Chestplate | Protection V, Thorns I, Unbreaking I
  • Netherite Helmet | Protection V, Thorns I, Respiration I
  • Netherite Sword | Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II, Looting II, Sweeping Edge I
  • Netherite Axe | Efficiency V, Silk Touch II, Unbreaking II
  • Netherite Pickaxe | Efficiency V, Fortune II, Unbreaking III
  • x32 Unique Enchantment Book
  • x16 Elite Enchantment Book
  • x5 Ultimate Enchantment Book
  • x2 Legendary Enchantment Boo
  • 250L EXP
  • 500L EXP
  • 750L EXP
  • 1000L EXP
  • +500k Money
  • +1m Money
  • +1.5m Money